Evil Bong Comic!

So the Full Moon fans will jump up and down for the Movie Announcement in this video but for me all those Comic Book titles that are coming soon! I knew about Trancers but GingerDead Man and Evil Bong holy crap!! Here take my money!!

Charles Band is introduced by Action Lab to announce the new line of Trancers comics and more. Plus a new film announcement. And a cameo from Tiffany Shepis.

So here is the list of the 3 issue mini-series that they showed.
  1. Demonic Toys
  2. Oblivion
  3. Evil Bong
  4. Doctor Mordrid
  5. Killjoy
  6. Shadowzone
  7. Subspecies
  8. Trancers
Oh and yeah, they did say something about a new Puppet Master being shot this fall. Also, they mentioned 12 comics titles but only listed 8 so if you add in Puppet Master that's 9 so if you will I would like to speculate the others being Head of The Family, Shrunken Heads, and maybe Dollman? Only time will tell.



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