Last Weeks DVD Pick-ups.

So I'm a  little behind on the pickup post's so let's play a little catch up shall we? These are from my adventure going up and down the More on 34 sales. I picked up quite a few tiles. First up...

The Zombie movie is some limited edition German movie that I acutely received through SwapaDVD along with the Scarecrow flicks and Stepfather. Dog Soldiers was 2 bucks the rest only a dollar a piece.

Also picked up Henry Portrait of a serial killer for $2 the rest all around a buck as well. The Alone in The Dark was a freebie because the sell just could not move it so I will take it for the cave sure.

Next up this boxset of 8 movies. Sure they are older but again for $1.00 who can go wrong.

I have already reviewed Friday the 31st and plan on getting caught up with the other one very soon. Warriors was the only non-horror movie I picked up you can not go wrong with a classic like that.


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