Puppets Vs. An All New Evil!

Puppet Master 5 The Final Chapter
1994 | Color | 82 Minutes | 1.33:1 | R | Horror | Dolby | Full Moon Entertainment 

Source: DVD

Director: Jeff Burr

Writers: Steven E. Carr

Gordon Currie
Chandra West
Ian Ogilvy

After having his demon destroyed, an ancient evil creates a puppet of himself to release on the world. With the help of Toulon's spirit, the Risk Myers destroys the demon and becomes the new puppet master

Shoot back to back with Puppet Master 4 its pretty obvious this is a continuation. What I did not realize was the two movies were going to be one movie released to the multiplexes everywhere under the name Puppet Master: The Movie. In a way, I'm thankful for the direct to video that we have today. 

So with this movie picking up where the last one ended it's a little more of the same thing. Rick is in jail for the murders and Blade has been confiscated but thankfully he knows how to escape. The new director of the Artifical Intelligence project is very interested in Toulon's secret. So of course he hires some thugs to break into the hotel and get the remaining puppets.

Of course, the Demon is not done trying to recapture the secret he sends up one more Hell Bound Dark Totem for one last battle! This time it will take all of them as a team to bring down the evil. Toulon even warns our hero's to get out and let the puppets do the dirty work. When all is said and done Rick takes the puppets back home to repair and care for them. Toulon speaks to Rick one final time, again entrusting his puppets and their secret to him while they will act as his protectors. And Rick muses that his fight has now just begun ...

What I was shocked by was this was not the weakest on the bunch so far. In fact, I rather enjoyed this one over the 4th installment. And if the series would have ended with this one I think the fans would have been happy with. We are treated to a few good puppet battles and death scene but oddly enough for a Charles Band movie we do not get any Nudity just some really boring soft sex scene. The music is the same as all the other movies you get nothing new. A day of filming was lost due to the crew walking out, as their paychecks had collectively bounced which shows the struggles back then were just as real as they are today. The budget was used on the puppets this time around and that was really it.

Only two things bugged me this time around the first being the Scooby Doo style case through the hotel hallways. The other was the really long opening that filled us in from the last movie. I did not feel that was necessary at all and I watched them a few months apart. If you are a fan of the franchise and like most have not gone past the 2nd or 3rd one give the 4 and 5 a chance. 

Half way through the Puppet Master Collection will the next 5 be as good as the last? We will soon see but for now PM5 you get...

3 Bloody Brains.


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