Critters, Turtles, and Madballs!

So I'm  still posting about my huge pick up's from the more on 34 Garage Sale road trip that the girls and I went on. We do not hit the road to much in the hot July month. Or should I say the extremely wet July that we are having. I know I have already reviewed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles VHS that I picked up, but it does show up in this post as well.

This week we have more DVD's plus I show off what I picked up in the VHS department and finally some Comic Books as well. Next week I will post my Video Game Finds for you but for now here is a look at my finds.

First up is my Critters VHS this is one of those that is wrapped on all four sides. Where you need to pull the side flap to get the tape out those that was really cool to me plus it was Critters. Wishmaster was well just a pick up for the fun of it as well as For the Love of the Game. The two big winners are Kiss of the Vampire wich is worth $8.00 not bad for a dime. And Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was a quarter and goes anywhere from 12 dollars to 50! Magic School bus was for Lainey and I have never heard of Night Flier before so why not.

I was pretty excited about these two comics Madballs and Fright Night 3-D! Sure Fright Night is sealed but will not be for long I really want to check it out. Madballs was just a pick up to share with the girls I wish I still had a few of those around. Midnite Mausoleum was just a hand out card that some window company was giving out I found it cool due to the fact they are Horror Host's out of the Quad Cities. It would have been much cool if they where there instead but oh well.

I have been looking for Bleed forever! It is one of those DVD's you see on people's videos from Swap meets everywhere but never around here. So to finally own this horrible Charles Band Flick makes me really happy the question still remains on whether I will watch it or not.

This has to be some of my favorite finds. Grim Season one was a 2 dollar set and was the most I spent for this whole lot. You can not go wrong with a TV set that cheap. And to find Diabolique and Ran for only a buck a piece was fantastic.

Ok so there you have it all I have left to show is the Games I picked up and boy are there some gems!


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