Sven to Host Mad Monster Party at FlashbackWeekend!

Holy cat's I wonder if my kids will let me drag them to this? I think its great that FlashbackWeekend is looking to make this a family convention I'm all in for this!


Join Flashback Weekend on Sunday August 9 for some spooky fun for the entire family emceed by Chicago TV Horror Host legend SVENGOOLIE (Rich Koz) as only he can. Join us for a screening of the 1967 Rankin Bass stop motion animated classic “MAD MONSTER PARTY” starring Boris Karloff! The 2 hour stage show / movie screening will include audience participation and many more surprises!

Svengoolie will take the stage at 1:00PM. Other convention activities throughout the day include our giant vendors room to find rare collectibles, meet celebrity guests, and have the kiddies join us for some fun activities!


  1. Rankin and Bass' "Mad Monster Party" we have enjoyed since we were a child... even had (other than Boris Karloff), one of my favorite performers since early childhood... Miss Phylis Diller....
    did you know that her "trademark" laugh started out as a sound that she would often make when very nervous....
    she transformed this nervous "habit" into one of the most memorable "Laughs" in entertainment history....
    Rest in peace , dear Lady...

    1. I did not know that about the laugh that's cool!

    2. We learned it from an interview with this dear Lady that we saw a while back...

  2. Very cool. Wish I could go.


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