Horizon Camp Goes Medieval

Just got back from one of the greatest weeks of my life. The Association of Horizon summer camp. I have so many stories to tell and pictures to share but for now I want to post a few of the videos that I made, I'm still pretty wiped out from lack of food and sleep.

Just a quick background on Steve and I we have been together for over 20 years. We meet at MDA Summer Camp and when Steve was too old to go we stopped going as a team. My sister and one of my best bud's started going to Camp Horizon a few years a ago and talked me into helping for Fall Weekend. I loved it and was instantly hooked again. But I always said I would never do camp without Steve. Well, last year was our first year back and this year was unbelievable.

We made a few new friends and tried a few new things this year. We even ate some of the worst camp food ever. The week goes so fast, but I'm glad we are back at it.

Enjoy the video's and thanks for watching.


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