The Mummy Runs Amok On Svengoolie

The Mummy's Curse (1944)

1944 | B&W | 62 Minutes | 1.37:1 | Not Rated | Horror | Mono

Leslie Goodwins

Bernard Schubert
Leon Abrams

Lon Chaney Jr.
Peter Coe 
Virginia Christine 

An irrigation project in the rural bayous of Louisiana unearths Kharis the living mummy (Lon Chaney Jr.), who was buried in quicksand 25 years earlier.

The Mummy's Curse is the 1944 horror film follow-up to The Mummy's Ghost which was also released in 1944. This film marks Lon Chaney, Jr.'s final appearance as Kharis, the Egyptian mummy. The Universal Mummy series boasts of a parallel-earth kind of timeline. The Mummy's Hand was made and set in 1940; The Mummy's Tomb takes place 30 years later; The Mummy's Ghost 4 years after that, and The Mummy's Curse twenty-five years after "Ghost." That means if the timeline is taken seriously, this film is set in 1999. Although the previous two films in the series take place in New England, with no explanation being given for the change, The Mummy's Curse moves the action to Louisiana.


  1. Oooh! This looks like a good one. I like Mummy movies, but I haven't seen "The Mummy's Curse". They're kind of mixing things up by setting this in Louisiana. It will be fun to watch Svengoolie again. I skipped the non-spooky movie he showed last week.

  2. I hear ya about last week. I'm not sure I understand the Marx Brother movies other then he is a big fan. I watched Mummy Curse the first time around a few years ago worth watching! Enjoy.


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