The Spirit is Willing

The Spirit Is Willing (1967)

Director: William Castle

Writers:  Ben Starr

Sid Caesar
Vera Miles
Barry Gordon
Jill Townsend
John Astin

Legendary cult-filmmaker, William Castle (Strait-Jacket) directs this spooky horror comedy. A couple (Sid Caesar and Vera Miles) and their adolescent son (Barry Gordon) move into a quiet New England summer cottage. Soon after their arrival, a series of strange and increasingly destructive occurrences begin to happen, the perpetrators are a trio of angry ghosts who want the cabin all for themselves. The stellar cast includes John McGiver, Mary Wickes, Jesse White, Harvey Lembeck, Jay C. Flippen and The Addams Family star, John Astin.

 The first picture to face the biggest problem of our time: the sex life of ghosts! The DVD and Blu-Ray will be hitting store shelves June 26, 2012.

1967 | Color | 100 Minutes | 1.37 : 1 | Not Rated | Comedy/Horror | Mono |   Paramount Pictures


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