Dementia 13 Song unearthed!

"I Know that this music is Terrible" said Luana Anders who played Louise Haloran in the cult classic Dementia 13. The song you here at the begining of the movie has been highly sought after for a very long time. But thanks to the power of You Tube the song is finally out there.

The song was preformed by Buddy and the Fads. Never before released about heard on one little transistor radio the song set the tone for Francis Ford Coppola's first movie.

This song should find its way on to a few Halloween mixes later this year. So enjoy "He's Caught" by the 50's group Buddy and the Fab's.

The song it self has a nice rockabilly vibe to it. I'm really grateful that somebody was able to dig this up. I would have to rate this 3 bloody brains!

3 Bloody Brains out of 5


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