Star Wars Weekend is Sexy and they know it!

One of the most anticipated events at Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ Star Wars Weekends is Hyperspace Hoopla, with its Dance-Off with the Star Wars Stars.

This year was pretty crazy. Good vs Evil. Emperor Palpatine rocking out to Mamma Said Knock You Out. Darth Vader with Boba Fett doing the Smooth Criminal and the best one has to be Chewbacca with Mother daughter duo Princess Leia and her young Padme. They get down to I'm Sexy and I know it.

If you get caught spying by Darth Vader this year he will sentence you to eternal imprisonment in carbonite for a cool $99.00 of course this is Disney after all. This is part of the new "Carbon Freeze Me" experience. In the end you will get a collectible figurine featuring your likeness sculpted into a Han Solo body like the one you see in Empire Strikes Back.

Here are a few photo's and video's floating around the net.


  1. Some fans get annoyed at this "selling out" of Star Wars, I think it's fun especially for kids seeing them in the park.

    I have to say Smooth Criminal was a genius choice for Vader "Ani are you ok?" :)

    1. Dex I never put two and two together with the Ani thing duh! I have never been to Star Wars weekend but would love to go some day. It looks like fun I would never call it a sell out as a fan. The Christmas Special on the other hand...

    2. I'm wondering if they thought about it too or if it's just coincidence! I've been a couple times and it is loads of fun.


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