Free Comic book day and the Avengers

Avengers Assemble! What a great weekend, every May my buddy and I take the 2-hour drive to go see our best friend Steve for lunch and a movie. This year fell on free comic book day so I saw this as an opportunity to introduce my nephews who also live up north to the wonderful world of Comics. So after seeking out what had to be the smallest comic book store ever to grab a few books  it was time for lunch. Now we have for the past few years ate at Hooter's but they closed. So Steve was eager to introduce us to a new place. The underdressed Tilted Kilt! Well, thank god my food looked good wink. I would never stare at girls that pour out of their tops. In all, the food was good the but the service was so slow that we missed our show by 10 minutes!

So being late means waiting or in our case spending the extra money to watch Avengers in 3D. This was my first and most likely my last. I just could not get comfortable in those glasses. Despite how awesome the movie was, I found myself with a pounding headache.

Let's talk about the movie for a few seconds. If your not a comic book movie kind of person I still think you would like this movie. It does a great job telling the story without boring you. My nephews could not wait to get home and watch Iron Man or Captain America. IF you're a fan of the superhero movie, you need to see this on the big screen. Don't wait I don't care how good of a sound system you have or how great your Blu-ray is it is a fun ride to be seen with others.

If you don't walk out of the movie loving the Hulk then something is wrong with you. Of course, the 2nd installment is well under way and for those of you that have seen it and are not sure who the next villain is **Spoiler Alert**
Thanos and I've pretty sure it will follow the Infinity Gauntlet story arc. The Infinity Gauntlet made a guest appearance in the trophy room of the Thor movie.

Anyway, a thank you goes out to John for driving the second half of the trek and to my sister for letting me share the super hero's with her two wonderful sons.

And most of all to Steve! Until August when you and I  head to Flash Back Weekend and Comic Con! Steve has also why I started this blog in the first place.


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