You May Be the Target... of the Next Phone Call...

I Saw What You Did (1965)

Director: William Castle

Writers: William P. McGivern

Joan Crawford 
John Ireland  
Leif Erickson 

When two teenagers make prank phone calls to strangers, they become the target for terror when they whisper "I Saw What You Did, And I Know Who You Are!" to psychopath Steve Marek who has just murdered his wife. But somebody else knows of the terrible crime that was committed that night, the killer's desperately amorous neighbor Amy Nelson.

Did you know that during its original theatrical release some theaters installed seat-belts so you couldn't be "shocked out of your seat".  Also Joan Crawford joined the cast for $50,000 and worked only four days. She was also hired to do a cameo but in true William Castle marketing she got the top billing.

1965 | B&W | 82 Minutes | 1.85:1 | Not Rated | Horror | Mono | Universal Pictures 


  1. Oooh! A movie I haven't seen yet that actually looks good! In that William Castle kind of way. :) I'll definitely be tuning in!

    1. It's a good movie shocking for a Castle film.

  2. Yeah, I was kind of shocked. I just stopped back to tell you that I actually enjoyed this one! Aside from the strangely happy soundtrack and the overuse of the fog machine, this didn't even feel like a B Movie!


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