Horror Collections just in time for Halloween!

Horror Collection: 8 Movie Pack - Volume 1

So this super rare DVD collection has fans jumping in dump bins everywhere. This super cool set has alluded me for a long time. Well thanks to DVD Empire us collectors can chill out.  Official word is this set streets September 4, 2012! Price for this collection is $9.98.
Movies on this set include Waxwork, 976-Evil 2, Ghoulies III, The Unholy, C.H.U.D. II,  Chopping Mall, Slaughter High, Class of 1999.

This movies are high on the list for us '80's horror junkies. And a few of these have never been on DVD before.

Many stars are featured   Malcolm McDowell Pam Grier, Barbara Crampton, Stacy Keach and Tony O'Dell to name a few.

Horror Collection 8 Movie Pack - Volume 2

Collector Pack 2 is not as exciting but worthy of the price. The movies include  Bloody Murder, Bloody Murder 2, Junior, Severed,
Children Of The Living Dead, Creepy Crawlers, Deadly Species, and Carnivore. I have never seen Children of the living dead so that movie alone will have me picking this one up. Bloody Murder and Junior have been on multiple sets making this one less desirable. At $9.98 still not a bad set.

So be on the look out this fall just the set to get you in the Halloween mood. And Happy Cheep Bin Diving!  


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