Super Monsters

Super Monsters Save Halloween
2018 | Color | 24 Minutes | G | Family | Netflix

Elyse Maloway
Erin Matthews
Vincent Tong

The Super Monsters use their powers to get their neighbors in the Halloween spirit, then help a nervous friend see there's nothing to be afraid of.

Everybody's favorite holiday might be Halloween, but when you’ve got young children, that’s not usually the case. Sure, kindergarteners love treats, but not all of them love tricks ⏤ and they certainly don’t love masks covered in blood or zombies emerging from the grave. I remember when my girls were growing up it was all about Wonder Pet's, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Elmo when it came to a safe Halloween special to watch with them (and we still watch today). And we loved every one of them so would Netflix Super Monsters Save Halloween fill the same bill?

The premise is relatively simple: all of the small children are ware-monsters of a kind; they look human during the day and become “super monsters!” at night. The idea of the kids becoming monsters at night is a nice touch breaking the ice that it is still safe in the dark. The Super Monsters are cute and their effort to save Haloween from obscurity is even cuter, even if it is a little odd. And, in terms of brand-new cartoons appropriate for kids who haven’t hit grade school, Super Monsters allows them to enjoy a Halloween special without being freaked out.

What I did not know was this is based on a toy line of the same name by Playskool but I did know it was also a stand-alone episode to a Netflix series enjoying its second year. Super Monsters are very compassionate, with helping a little boy overcome his fears, and their efforts may just comfort a hefty number of young viewers, too. Everything is done right for the children it is bright and colorful with some simple music to balance out a story that even my 10-year-old and I liked. 

The 1960s hit "Monster Mash" is introduced to kids, as well. The "song-and-dance" number is adorable. Super Monsters Save Halloween is definitely intended specifically for little kids so if you have the grandkids this weekend fire up Netflix and enjoy because someday soon they will be asking to watch Stanger Things instead. 

4 Pumpkins Out of 5


  1. My daughter loves this show! She's been watching it since last year and was very excited that season 2 and this special both came out this fall. She was also really excited that we found the toys last week while in Wal-Mart. She got Zoe the zombie and I've picked up Katya and Drac as special Halloween surprises for her. Shh!!

    1. That's awesome I plan on hunting down a few of the toys just for the fun of it.

  2. I might have to get my granddaughters to watch this, instead of another episode of Mako Mermaids!


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