Blitzkrieg Massacre

Puppet Master Blitzkrieg Massacre
2018 | Color | 1 Hr 2 Min | Horror | R | Full Moon

Drawing from nearly three decades of cinematic splatter and freakish filmmaking, PUPPET MASTER: BLITZKRIEG MASSACRE is the first chapter in FULL MOON'S BUNKER OF BLOOD, a gory "Greatest Hits" of the legendary studio's strangest and sickest sequences framed by an all-new, all outrageous narrative that drives the viewer deep into the darkest, dankest of a madman's macabre lair.

Using lavishly illustrated comic book panels to bookend the twisted tale, PUPPET MASTER: BLITZKRIEG MASSACRE culls the sickest moments from the 11-film deep PUPPET MASTER series, mashing them together with macabre music and brand new moments of body-breaking mayhem.

Released last week exclusively on Full Moon Streaming app that can be found on Amazon Prime as well. 

This time around we are treated to the many kills throughout the franchise that are blended together pretty well. The comic book opening was fantastic one of the best openings for a Full Moon feature in a long time. This is not meant to play out as a story these are made for your Halloween parties to play in the background. It's also just a fun way for fan's of the series to sit back and relax. 

The gang is all here from their fearless leader Blade you will also get Tunneler, Torch, and Leech Women to name a few. If you are unfamiliar with the ragtag puppets this is not the place to start. You really want to start with the first and maybe the third just before hopping on this blood-soaked "Mix Tape".

To be honest you have to be a real fan to sit through a clip show like this so for me it was ok like I said the editing was done seamlessly and shuffle in the comic book wrap around and you get a fun little package to have playing while those pesky trick or treaters come to the door. 

3 Bloody Brains out of 5