Kidding Around Halloween Specials

Thanks to FuzzyMemories.Tv who continues to work with the video formats preserving Chicago TV history. Last year they posted Halloween 82 and this year they surprised us with the 1984 episode as well. All though a little dry these are worth a watch. 

While children of the early 70s grew up with the likes of Ray Rayner and Gigglesnort Hotel, as the decade ended the golden era of kids TV in Chicago started to wane and we were left with WMAQ's Kidding Around. Airing Saturday mornings from 1978 to 1985, Kidding Around was hosted by Steve Smith and a revolving door group of teen girls including his daughter whom is now the executive producer of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and featured segments such as children demonstrating the art of candle making, junior high rock bands, animals from the Brookfield Zoo, and interviews with mega-superstars like Todd Bridges and Lou Ferrigno.

Part of me really misses TV when it was more like this. When local stations would put together local talent sadly this form a TV as long gone insted we get TMZ, blah.

So if you sit through these let me know what did you think? And as always check out the other blogs celebrating the Countdown to Halloween by clicking here


  1. I agree - the fall of a local culture of TV shows are a loss. I remember watching Ray Raynor and Gigglesnort Hotel. I think I was a wee bit too old for Kidding Around.

    1. WOW you remember Gigglesnort Hotel!! It's such a lost gem that when I talk about it people think I made it up.


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