Time to Smile

Oh man, this blog has been on such a low this week and I'm sorry about that. So in light of everything that has gone one I do want to share with you what has to be my favorite video of camp so far. Tuesday was Hero day and some of my heroes came out to see us.

First, let's meet a few of them in the back is my little Brother Eric, My Brother In Law Craig (who brought his K-9 Unit Dessel with him) and Nate. That is Michael and Steve in the front! Other fireman did show up along with a few from the military this was a very cool day. So check out the video and let me know what you think.

Also, I finally have all the camp video's up on my youtube channel makes sure to give them a thumbs up! And I promise it's back to blogging I go! No more sadness time to smile. 


  1. My favourite part of the video was the superhero cosplay party -- that looks like SUCH FUN! And the green screen photo session was just an inspired idea!

    1. I agree so many people got into it, so much fun. Thanks for all the kind words this week.

  2. Looks like a rousing success.

    1. I'll say!! I should have put on my Green Lantern again tho... it was just so hot. Thanks for stopping by the cave the past few weeks!


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