LaSalle Fest and Fireworks

So last week was a crazy week around here. It was LaSalle Fest our yearly gathering in town. The main thing we take part in is our garage sale with a few other friends. This use to be a social gathering every year but we have gotten bigger and bigger and people that stop by referring to our sale as the "Sale of the Year" well they are kind of right. People ask weeks in advance if we are doing it and they start driving by slowly trying to get a glimpse. All I can say is it was one of our best sales ever. Sadly we were so busy I never got the chance to take pictures or video like I planned.

Of course, my oldest and I hit the road to check out the other sales and let's just say we walked away with some great scores. More on that later in the week. So despite how tired we were on Saturday we still packed up and headed down to the party for some fireworks. The problem with all of that would be we were way to close! They were lit off just under us and when they first went off we were showered with sparks!! This sent some people running for cover and me putting out small fires on our clothes.

All in all, it was a long weekend and we had a ton of fun made some money and spent some money!


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