Day 4 at camp

I did something today that I have never done at camp and that comes with 25 years of experience. Today Steve and I went up in a hot air balloon! It was incredible and for Steve amazing! Steve does not like to be out of his comfort zone at all so day was so cool!

Days like today are why I volunteer for camp. Tomorrow should be interesting with temperatures hitting 100! 


  1. You two are braver than me! I've never been up in a balloon.

    1. My first too crazy enough for a guy afraid of heights I was not nervous at all.

  2. That was an awesome day. Bobby Parikh and I are in the last row on the ground in your photo. Brent

    1. your both looking opposite directions lol. That was a fun day and a fun week. Glad to see you back I'm pretty sure you had a good time at least it looked like it from my end!


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