Reach For the Sky.

Starting to get back into the groove today. One more day off before I head back to work and the real world. Camp was so amazing this year going all out to make the 25th Anniversary special for everyone. Not many summer camps have Hot Air Balloons, Catered dinners, a live band, a DJ spinning the top dance tunes, and of course fireworks! I'm working on getting the videos uploaded to youtube today and I will post a few of them here just not all of them so please check out the channel for more camp fun later this week. For now, tho here is Steve and I reaching for the sky!

With over 112 campers this year we set a  record number for a week at Horizon Camp. Every cabin was packed. Add in the support staff, nurses and attendant volunteers, and we were 256 strong at camp this past week that is a lot of  Super Hero's!  And we aim to get bigger.


  1. wow - looks like an amazing success!

    1. I have been doing this for over 25 years and this was one of the greatest weeks ever.

  2. I bet everyone looks forward to this fab camp all year long!


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