Day 2 at camp

With more rain today and the start of a heat wave! With the rain and heat we also get mud! Mud and wheel chairs make for one serious mess.

After lunch today Steve and I took parts in the mystery dinner theater. He played a nerd and I a vampire. It was a ton of fun and Steve was the victim murdered by my sister the Blue Blaze. 

Tonight was the pool party slash karaoke activities that where cut short when the sky lite up with lightning. Tomorrow is a big day with hot air balloons and a 25th  anniversary dinner party. Sounds like another hot day ahead minus the rai.  

So again tonight 1:30 am a storm is  approaching quickly and Steve has  finally calmed down for a bit. Are cabin is set at 70 and it really feels cold! Steve is under 7 blankets on heated blanket and tonight I have built a tent around his head with hoodies to keep the cold air from blowing on him. 

Until tomorrow have a great day. 


  1. That looks like so much fun! Steve's pixel nerd glasses are awesome, LOL!


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