A human form with animal instincts!

Captive Wild Woman
1943 | B&W | 61 Minutes | Horror | NR | Universal

Director: Edward Dmytryk

Ted Fithian 
Neil P. Varnick

John Carradine
Evelyn Ankers
Milburn Stone

Dr. Sigmund Walters, an expert in glandular research, becomes convinced that his experiments involving lower animal species cannot succeed, so he arranges to have a very intelligent female gorilla kidnapped from the circus and brought to his lab. Using the glands of a patient and the brain of his faithful nurse, he performs transplant surgery on the intelligent simian. When the ape morphs into exotic and sexy Paula Dupree, the experiment seems to be s success. She even finds a place for herself at her old circus assisting lion tamer Fred Mason. Unfortunately, when aroused by desire and jealousy over the affections of Mason, her delicate metabolism breaks down, and she regresses to her ape form.

I swear she looks like my Prom Date.
Wow, another one I have never seen before, thanks, Sven now if I could just get through the backlog I have growing life will be much better!

For guys like me, “Invisible Agent” can be seen -or not- on The U today at 11am. For the MeTv crowd enjoy captive wild woman tonight at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, or check your local listings or at www.metv.com .


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