Thrills, chills, spills! Live the power of the... BMX Bandits

BMX Bandits
1983 | Color | 88 Min. | 2.35.1 | PG | Adventure | Dolby | Nilsen Premiere

Source: Netflix Streaming

Brian Trenchard-Smith

Patrick Edgeworth
Russell Hagg

David Argue
John Ley
Nicole Kidman 

Plot: Two BMX expert bikers and a friend of theirs (Kidman) become entangled with a group of bank robbers after discovering a carton of walkie-talkies.

We will always have these movies that others talk about and it peeks your curiosity. BMX Bandits is one of those movies. Of course, there is Nicole Kidman with all that curly hair that everybody must like. And how about those bikes? I was 13 when this came out and at that time I was all about my bike so I would have watched this over and over again. The movie does hold up over time with a fun story for kids and plenty of BMX bike action. But what does not hold up his the soundtrack and the sound effects. 

I'm pretty sure if I was writing this in 1983 there would be a different story. They fit the era but was a little hard on the ears today. The soundtrack was typical 80's synth pop nothing new or groundbreaking here. The cast works well together and the story moves along at a fast pace. This is not a movie for everybody and not to sure anybody over 35 will care too much to sit and watch an old school Australian movie about BMX bikes.

Nichole I give your BMX hair...

3 Bloody Brains


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