Men Were Her Prey For Eternal Youth.

The Leech Woman
1960 | B&W | 77 Min. | 1.85.1 | UR | Horror | Mono | Universal

Edward Dein

David Duncan

Coleen Gray
Grant Williams
Phillip Terry

When a very old African woman offers an ambitious endocrinologist the secret of eternal youth, he decides to take his estranged and no-longer-young-and-beautiful wife along with him on the safari.
But then she finds out the true reason for their sudden reconciliation is so that she can serve as his guinea pig. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, especially one with a stolen pineal gland tapper. But once you try Nipe, there's no going back.

“The Leech Woman” appears tonight on MeTV at 10 pm eastern/ pacific, 9 pm central, and please check your local listings for when we run where you are. In Chicago, at 11 am, WCIU viewers get a second look at a different dame -“Weird Woman”- along with highlights from the Sven night at Chicago’s Museum of Broadcast Communications.


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