#Fthismoviefest short recap.

This past weekend was the 4 annual all Twitter-driven film festival. Nothing better than sitting in the comfort of my own home talking movie's with other folks from around the globe watching the same movies.

2015 marked my third year taking part in the movie festival. And every year it gets bigger and a whole hell of a lot of fun. I already pledge that I will make this bigger in my household next year. I plan on having friends over, food, and an overloaded WiFi.

I'm telling you if you have not heard of this yet you owe it to yourself to look into in. Admittedly it is a little hard to watch and tweet and the same time but there are no rules saying you can't just watch the movie.

I know because I just wanted to sit and watch Hard Target and all its coolness! Ok, so a quick review of the movies I did stick around to watch.

First up the uber fun and completely pun driven Demolition Man. It was a lot of fun to revisit this bad boy with a group of people. So many things that I forgot about and the best thing the things that were pointed out to me. I remember when this movie was out thinking how cute Sandra Bullock was. It was fun to hear I was not alone. If you have not seen this in a while it's a fun and fast 2 hours.

Next up Army of Darkness. Nothing new to share with you here.  Well, ok let me share with you two stories. First I worked at the theater when this was out (Still own the one sheet) in fact I was the projectionist which means I put the movie together and was the first to watch it, well sort of. See being a manager I guess you could say I smuggled some die hard friends in along with a few beers. Oh, the simple days. On a different note, when I was talking to Bruce Campbell one day we talked about dating and the hazards of Rockford, Il girls. It was one of those odd moments when you have something in common with somebody and you can laugh about. FYI, his first wife was from Rockford.

Now on to Hard Target, this was the movie I could not wait for. I have not seen it in years. Again I might still have the one sheet for this. If not I know I have a button you had to wear to promote this movie. Everything is classic about this movie Van Damme's hair, John Woo's slow motion cam. and Dove's. This movie had some of the best tweets. If you have not seen this shame on you. The only thing that would have made this better would have been a been a viewing
of Roadhouse right after.

The other two movies where True Romance that I just did not want to sit through. And Jurassic Park that I had hoped to make it back home for but did not.

I'm having way too much trouble putting this into words so I strongly suggest hanging out with us next year instead. I do want to thanks, F this movie for coming up with such a great idea. How they come up with 4 to 5 tiles that keep everybody happy is beyond me. Also need to thank my wife for allowing me to sit on my butt laughing at a computer while a movie is on the TV, It's always nice to know I have support in my geeky world that I enjoy living in.


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