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Time In The Minors
2010 | Color | 85 Min. | 1.33.1 | NA | Documentry | 5.1 | Starz Entertainment

Source: Starz YouTube Channel

Director: Tony Okun

Writer: Tony Okun

John Drennen
Tony Schrager

Plot: Every year in June approximately 1500 new players out of high school and college are chosen from the amateur baseball draft and sent to play in the minor leagues...

Every year starting in December the baseball itch starts to rev up. Especially after the off season both Chicago teams had. And in January I find myself watching MLB Network religiously. And by February Fantasy Baseball is ready to go with pitchers and catchers reporting. So after reading about this movie I made it my mission to seek it out. I was shocked that it's on youtube from the Starz Network for free, not something put up illegally.

The documentary follows the lives of two minor league players on their journey to the big show. 
John Drennen, a High School All-American from San Diego, California was selected in the first round of the 2005 amateur baseball draft by the Cleveland Indians. Tony Schrager, a 1998 and 6th-round draft pick out of Omaha, Nebraska is an 8-year veteran of the minor leagues.

The 2006 season may be Tony's last shot to make it. What's it like trying to make it to the Major Leagues? I was amazed and drawn in by the ups and downs of their daily struggles. You really get a sense of what they go through and how it can and will change every second.

I can't say this is for everybody it is a very slow pace movie about a game that most find to be boring. For for me a baseball fan head to toe this gave me a new look at a sport that I love. If you are a baseball fan it's worth a look.

3 Bloody Brains out of 5


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