Ooga Booga and Unlucky Charms

Full Moon has announced that Charles Band is hopping back into the director's chair for their next movie "Unlucky Charms". Pre-production has already begun, with principal photography beginning at the end of the month. Stayed tuned here at the Cave for more details when they become available. Unlucky Charms is set to release late Spring of 2013.

Also from Full Moon March 12 will be the world Premiere of OOGA BOOGA at Grindhouseflix.com . You will be able to stream it instantly for only $1.99!! Of Buy a digital copy for $7.99.


Revenge is served on a spear when dirty cops murder an innocent African-American med student. When his soul is transferred into the body of a popular toy, Ooga Booga, the bodies pile up as he kills every racist in the city, while trying to clear his name.

 Ooga Booga made his debut in Full Moon’s Doll Graveyard and had a cameo in Evil Bong.

The super sexy all star cast helps to bring this tale to life. Ciarra Carter portrays Ooga’s girlfriend Donna. Internet sensation Maddox gives an eerie performance as the sadistic Skeez. Amber Strauser, former cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys makes a cameo appearance as Peggy Suey. 

Ooga plays hide and seek with the two-time Golden Globe winning actress Karen Black. And the legendary Stacy Keach goes head to head with Ooga himself.

Ciarra Carter
Amber Strauser
Karen Black


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