Happy Vintage Valentines Day


  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you too! I love looking through old Valentines. Yesterday I was picking through a collection I found online and they were hilarious! You might get a kick out of these too:


    1. Justine thanks there where some really cool ones! So let me ask because I have not clue how pinterest works. If I book mark that page will it still be there next year? Thanks,

  2. That page of Valentines should be there forever, unless the person who put that together decides to delete their Pinterest account. I doubt they would, since there was so much there! You should join Pinterest! It's super easy to use, and then you can have any images you want just saved there. You just open an account, pick categories, and "pin" images in each category. If you ever want some help getting started with that site, let me know!


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