Shout Factory has revealed that they are planning to release a combo pack edition of director Sam Raimi's Crimewave (1985), starring Louise Lasser, Brion James, and Paul L. Smith. Exact technical specs and supplemental features to be included with this release are unknown at the moment, but the preliminary street date set by the distributors is May 14th.

The Coen brothers team up with horror director Sam Raimi to produce this serial killer spoof. When Detroit pest exterminators Crush and Coddish decide to expand their operation to include the disposal of humans, their best-laid plans soon go awry as the firm's body count escalates out of control.

For Bruce Campbell and Sam Ramie fans this is the missing link the jewel of the collection! Now all we need is Lunatics a love story on Blu Ray or DVD and we will be set! Thanks Shout Factory 


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