F This Movie Fest 2 Today!!!

Sorry I'm late on this but F this Movie has kicked off  F This Movie Fest 2 today!! Here is the scoop

Yes, we're celebrating the year 1991, a terrific year for movies and an even better year for action movies. It might be the BEST year for action movies, actually.

If you're not already following F This Movie! on Twitter, what are you waiting for? The festival is coming up on February 2nd, and you don't want to miss us making history AGAIN, do you?

In case you forgot what to do or are brand new to the site, check out the festival guidelines here. I'm sure there are plenty of people who will will attest to how much FUN it was last year (hint hint), so we hope you'll all join us and make this year an even bigger success. IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?

This years movies our

12:00 The Last Boy Scott (Great Movie)
 2:00 The Rocketeer
 4:00 Bill and Ted's Bogus Adventure (Most Excellent) 
 6:00 New Jack City 
 8:00 Terminator 2

If your not home our your just intresed in an all Twitter film fest with a bunch of cool fans check the has tag #fthismoviefest, This is the same hash tag to use today. I did take part last year and had a great time. I'm truly sorry I did not get this out to you guys sooner but you still have a few hours to gather up your movies or fire up Netflix on demand and take part.

For all the details click on Arnold above it will take you to the site. And be sure to follow them on twitter at @fthismovie 


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