Music Monday Falling Still

Falling Still has released an official video for their track “Stupid Girl”, which comes off their upcoming self-titled EP ( Feb. 26th). Killjoy himself Trent Haaga pulled up the directors chair along with bringing Killjoy goes to Hell alum Jessica Whitaker along for the ride.

Lead Singer Eric Podnar commented that "Stupid Girl"  is a song about a misbegotten soul cracking under the pressure of a scrutinizing world.  “The clip was inspired by a very specific kind of girl that often emerges in LA. In most cases, they’re aspiring actresses or models or musicians who become dangerously intent on self-preservation through any means necessary. They’re typically fucking crazy and never short on vices or dependencies. Our video is a public service announcement about the dangers of getting involved with these types of individuals. It’s not pretty.”

This is Trent Haags third video for Falling Still.


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