Zombies Vs Strippers Oh My Here We Go!

Zombies Vs Strippers
2012 | Color | 75 Minutes | Widescreen | R | Horror | Dolby Digital |
Full Moon Horror

Director: Alex Nicolaou

Writers: Alex Nicolaou, Kent Roudebush

Stars: Circus-Szalewski, Eve Mauro and Victoria Levine

ZvA marks the directorial debut for Alex Nicolaou. The Tough Titty is a strip club that’s seen better days. But tonight it’s gonna see a whole lot worse. Spider has been losing money on his business for years. Now it’s finally getting the traffic he’s always wanted… unfortunately, most of his patrons are undead. With a sudden outbreak of the zombie virus, Vanilla, Bambi, and Sugar Hills deal with the disaster the way only a stripper can.

I'm going to review this movie a little bit different:

Here are 5 bad things about this film

1) The Set. All thou a step up for full moon it looks more like an Ikea then a Strip Club.
2) The soundtrack -ugh-
3) Stripping - OK I'm no expert on the matter but Demi Moore did a better job acting like a stripper.
4) Hambo - what the hell was this? Oh wait this is so we can have an action figure someday.
5) Opening Credits- Good God Man they gave me a head ache.

Mom always said If your going to say something bad about somebody you need to say something nice. So here are 5 things  10 things that make this movie good.

1) Alex Nicolaou - for his first film he did a good job. In fact I hope he does more for Full Moon.
2) The girls are easy on the eyes (When they are not stripping)
3) A ton of Zombie's and the make up was top notch.
4) Gore factor! Yes for a full moon movie we get blood and face's being ripped off and gore! About time.
5) Circus-Szalweski it was nice of him to get in front of the camera and away from the microphone. He hit his mark as spider.
6) The death scenes are well thought out.
7) Brad Potts!
8) Tools used by the strippers to fight off the Zombies.
9) Going to say it again the Special FX are not bad for a low budget movie.
10) No out of place full moon toys any where!

And I could go on. This movie has a lot going for it. Strong cast, good directing and for every horror man fan out their Zombies and Strippers! Nothing to new on the whole Zombie over kill genera but a fresh take never   the less. This is a good weekend movie to grab some bud's some beers and have a good time with this movie. I would have to say for a $1 rental at red box it is well worth it. I give it:

3 Bloody Brains out of 5

Beware they will get you in the end.


  1. Just caught this recently as well. Haven't really watched a Full Moon flick in awhile but this is about right on the head.
    I guess that one girl was the "star" because she's the only one that never took her top off? lol

  2. lol and I believe she is the one that does or did Adult films!


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