Blu-Rays from Full Moon! With Commentaries.

From The Full Moon Press Release July 19,2012

Full Moon Features Launches Their Blu-Ray Line in September with the Puppet Master Series.
The most successful independent direct to video horror franchise of all time!
The first 3 films, fully remastered in HD, 16:9, and 5.1 Surround Sound

Series Synopsis: 
The secret of life has been discovered by master puppeteer Andre Toulon. But we quickly discover Toulon’s secret of death in the form of five killer puppets-each one uniquely qualified for murder and mayhem. Tunneler has a nasty habit of boring holes in people with his drill bit head. Ms. Leech regurgitates killer leeches that suck her victims dry. Pinhead strangles his enemies with his powerful vice-like hands. Blade has a gleaming hook for one hand and a razor-sharp knife for the other. And Jester, the ruthless brains of the bunch, is absolutely merciless. Together, they’re an army of skilled assassins, diabolically programmed to guard the deadly secrets of the Puppet Master throughout the decades.

Paul Le Mat (American Graffiti, American History X, Melvin and Howard), William Hickey (Prizzi’s Honor, One Life to Live, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Name of the Rose), Irene Miracle (Inferno, Midnight Express, Walking Thunder), Jimmie F. Skaggs (Lethal Weapon, Hollow Man, Cutthroat Island)

Special Features Include:
-Brand new Introductions by Puppet Master creator Charles Band
-Never-before-heard audio commentaries by Charles Band, PM 3 writer C. Courtney Joyner, and PM 3 director David DeCoteau
-Behind the scenes VideoZones
-Killer Puppet Master montage
-Rare Puppet Master promo
-Full Moon trailers

Hats off to Charles Band on finally putting together a few audio commentaries. If you have ever met Band or been to his Road Show's you then know he is a great speaker. I can listen to him tell stroys about his movies for days on end. And know I can do so for a half of day anyway. 

Set to hit shelves this September 18,2012. The Blu-Ray suggested retail will be $14.98 and Special Edition DVD's will only set you back $9.98. Both Blu-Ray and DVD's will come in a box set BD running $39.98 and the DVD set at cool $24.98.


  1. These will most certainly end up in Wal-mart's $5 bin within three months. With the Echo Bridge 3 movie packs of the Puppet Master films retailing at $2.99 in Kmart now, I can't see how they expect to get $14.95 for a single movie even with the extras.

    1. Dr.Blood I think for the Puppet Master die hards it will be worth the up grade. And the commentaries may also provide a fresh look on the film. I agree that the Echo Bridge set is a great deal picked that up my self. Your right thou that good hurt its sales.


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