NECA's Fist Look at Dutch and The Red Predator

NECA of course will be tweeting from comic-con this weekend and already they have set the feeds on fire! First they posted this photo:

They asked the fans to take a guess and the answer is shocking!

None other then Dutch from Predator for the 25th anniversary! Of course Pending License Approval.

Also Added 

Red Predator

Updated 7/13


  1. I would have been really excited about these little dollies 20 years ago. The detail on these is pretty fantastic and makes the Predator that I got from Woolworth's look as crap as it really was.

  2. Woolworth's wow! I agree the detail is insane. Don't really care for Dutch but if I ever see it as a peg warmer on clearance it will look good in the cave.


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