2012 Golden Cob Winners

In Franklin, Indiana fans of the misunderstood genre the B movie they celebrate these classics. The Golden Cob has been going on for 5 years. This year's list is a fantastic one. Congratulations to Bill Oberst Jr. for Best rising star. I could not agree more. In fact I believe I said the same thing in my AB Vs Zombies review.
It was also a pleasant surprise to see "Rare Exports" and "Super Shark" on the list. Looks like I need to dig around for Hanna and maybe sit through "Attack the Block".  Of course a big congrats  to Mr.Lobo on his Horror Host award.

For more about the Festival and Celebration check out the site The B Movie Celebration.
Best Actress
Saoirse Ronan

Best Actor
John Boyega
Attack The Block

Best Rising B Actress
Sarah Lieving
Super Shark,

Best Rising B Movie Actor
Bill Oberst Jr.
A Haunting in Salem

Best B Movie Director
Joe Cornish
Attack The Block

Best Efx In A B Movie
Daniel Chavez/hy*drau”lx
Take Shelter

Best Cinematography in a B Movie
Mika Orasma
Rare Exports

Best Original Screenplay
Seth Lochhead
David Farr

Best Editing in A B Movie
Tony Randel
Camel Spiders

Best B Movie Adapatation-
Thomas Donnelly
Joshua Oppenheimer
Tiziano Scalvi
Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

Best B Movie Release
Attack The Block

Best B Movie Documentary
Alex Stapleton
Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel

Best B Movie Soundtrack
Chris Ridenhour
Dragon Crusaders

Best Sound Design In A B Movie
Patrick Giraudi
Camel Spiders

Lifetime Achievement Award
Brian Trenchard-Smith

Bill Cothron Best Emerging Filmmaker Award
Christopher Douglas Olen Ray

Movie Hall of Fame
Directed by William Girdler

Bob Wilkins Best Horror Host Award

Wow fixed the type-o's 7/24 sorry. 


  1. Bob I am honored to have the support of the Man Cave. The Golden Cob is icing on the cake. Thanks man! I will keep trying to get better and better to entertain folks and to be worthy of your kind words. gratefully, Bill

  2. You have had a stellar year Bill keep up the good work! Looking forward to your new movie even if there are no Nude Nuns!


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