Catch up Time

So the past few weeks it's been time with the family and clearing off my Tivo. So with the heat index over 100 all summer, I have had some time to catch up. So here are a few quick-hit reviews of the movies that I have watched the past few days.

1973 | PG | Horror | Universal

College student David (Face from the A-Team) is looking for extra cash. So he is hired by Dr. Stoner (Gunsmoke/Bonanza) as a lab assistant for his research and experiments on well duh Snakes. Romance is also in the air for David as he falls for the crazy Doc's foxy daughter Kristina (Logan's Run). Dr. Stoner starts to shot up David with a secretly brewed up serum that can transform any man into a King Cobra!

The cast in this movie works pretty well together and they did use real snakes. But the 1970's look and feel just does not carry over as well. The music was flat and the special effects just ok. The movie does fit in well with the horror host crowd as I was lucky enough to watch Svengoolie rip at this movie which did help make it better.

2 Bloody Brains out of 5

Ghost Breakers
1940| NR | Comedy/Horror | Paramount

Despite warnings and death threats Mary Carter (Paulette Goddard) sets off to see her inherited family home. Located on a small island off of Cuba sits the haunted castle. Thankfully before the trip sets sail radio broadcaster Larry Lawrence (Bob Hope) thinks he shoots the mob boss the he is there to talk to. Larry then hides out in Mary's room, stuff's himself into a chest, and now he is fleeing New York. Thank goodness he brings his butler Alex (Willie Best) for comic relief.

Once in the castle here come those eerie ghosts. Then they fight off a menacing Zombie (The Voodoo kind not the Romero Kind) find the key to the treasure. But don't forget about the mafia!

For a 1940's flick, the movie is not too bad. Hope drove me a little batty but the rest of the cast was a good fit. The story starts slow but ends well. The effects not too bad for the period and the music was well blended. Bottom line, not the best Bob Hope movie Goddard lights up the screen I would have to say watch this on a cold rainy day.

2 1/2 Bloody Brains


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