The greatest horror film of modern cinema!

If Universals Mega Pack is not good enough for you and you like your movies silent, then how about Lon Chaney in one of his first big rolls, 1925's The Phantom of the Opera.

Packed with 3 versions of the film and a few extra's this one will set you back a bit. The suggested retail for the Blu-Ray is $39.99. That's a big jump from the $5.00 DVD days.

At the Opera of Paris, a mysterious phantom threatens a famous lyric singer, Carlotta and thus forces her to give up her role (Marguerite in Faust) for unknown Christine Daae. Christine meets this phantom (a masked man) in the catacombs, where he lives. What's his goal ? What's his secret ? Find out November 1st.


  1. I can't do a film if I don't start with the writing.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Horror Movies um good luck with your writing


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