Katura and the Cat a Halloween Tail.


Katura and the Cat

"An original fairytale by Lillian Moats & J.P. Somersaulter."

Katura and the Cat is an original fairytale by JP Somersaulter and Lillian Somersaulter Moats. In the film, Katura receives a mysterious key from her grandmother, who instructs her to go across the forest to attend a Halloween ball at the castle. Along the way, Katura encounters witches and ghouls, a missing prince, and a shape-shifting cat. Illustrated with high-contrast imagery, silhouetted forest scapes, and a black, white, red, and blue color scheme, Katura and the Cat is a Halloween-inspired fairytale that is visually reminiscent of a graphic novel. 

This creepy as all get out 10 minutes short from 1982 was intended for Kindergarten through intermediate grades! Man, I love these old creepy things. And what a fantastic tail to boot.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I've never heard of this.

  2. The animation is so creepy and fun. The soundtrack is also bizarre like it is being played on a 1920 gramophone. I liked it.

    1. But you just have to love the old lady's voice. Did not pay attention to the soundtrack until I watched it again and yeah creepy!