5 Ideas for a Spooky Quarantine Halloween


While Halloween might look different this year, that doesn't mean it should be boring.

Who would have thought way back in March we would still be social distancing? And how it would still affect us in October? However, given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we will have to take some precautions to make sure your Halloween is safe. Where just going to need to put some more thought into this year's spooky celebrations, with a little magic we can still make it fun. Here are a few safe ideas for your quarantined Halloween. 

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Already a great fall tradition, with so many pumpkin patches, apple orchards, and farms implementing social distancing protocols for their visitors this should remain on high on your to-do list. Make sure to grab some apple cider and Pumpkin Butter while you're there.

Decorate Your House

And I mean big time! Channel your Christmas spirit this year for Halloween. Nothing is more magical to a child then that warm glow of string lights. Grab a scarecrow, decorative gourds, and maybe even some hay to elevate your porch this year. Let's make it spooky!

Take a Drive or Hike

We are truly blessed to live in Starved Rock Country (pictured above) here but if your not close to a State Park October still brings stunning fall foliage to most areas. A perfect way to embrace the season is to take a drive and observe the changing leaves. Better yet, hope outside of your car and fully immerse yourself in the cool crisp autumn air with a nature hike.

Halloween Playlist

From "Thriller" to the "Monster Mash" there are way more Halloween-themed tunes than you'd expect.  So, build a playlist that fits your tastes and let the costumed dance party begin. Also as a side note, many of the bloggers taking part in the Halloween Countdown this year will be posting about there favorite Halloween tunes throughout the month of October. 

Decorate Halloween Themed Face Masks

Nothing says "2020 Halloween" like decorating a face mask. Whether you're doing it for yourself or with your kids, make your mask match your costume or have it be a costume in itself. Better yet make a few extra and donate them to your local nursing home they will love it. Of course, animal faces, creepy grins, or a pumpkin pattern, will always be a hit.

This all came about when last week L.A. County pretty much canceled Halloween's door to door festivities. Halloween is a big deal around the Man Cave I was thinking about what can be done. So if you like these make sure to come back next week for five more or maybe ten the mind is overflowing right now. Never the less we need to keep the Halloween spirit high this year.


  1. Great ideas! Still lots of family fun to be had!

  2. Love the decorating a mask idea - it's perfect for our current situation.

    1. I already have a few ideas I'll keep you posted.


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