Today is National Film Score Day you know because every day is something right? But this one is pretty cool so I thought why not post 5 scores that still blow me away outside of the Star Wars theme.

Number five is the main title track from the new Evil Dead "I'll Rip Your Soul Out" I just love this song.

Number four is fairly new to me and that is the main theme of Tourist Trap it is so quirky yet creepy at the same time. 

Number Three goes back a bit Ennio Morricone's Orca soundtrack was one of the first soundtracks I received as a kid and it still sticks with me to this day.

Number Two If John Williams was not on the list I would not be normal right? Crazy as it sound's E.T. is by far my favorite.

And of Course one would need Han's Zimmer as well. The Backdraft soundtrack still ranks high on my list.

So what is your go to score? Let me know in the comments below and Happy National Film Score Day.


  1. On Monday, CBC Radio just featured a big interview with Hans Zimmer on its arts and culture program called "Q" -- it was very interesting! Here's the podcast link if you're interested:


    1. This was a very good interview thanks! I totally forgot he was part of Video Killing the whole radio star.

  2. Such an interesting list. My number one would have to be A Clockwork Orange! Original Star Wars figures in there too as well as the Blues Brothers.


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