An American Dream!

Trump An American Dream
2017 | Color | 4 Part Mini Series | Documentary | PG | Netflix

Produced By Channel 4 out of the United Kingdom

Colin Tierney
Nikki Haskell
Rona Barrett

British documentary series exploring the extraordinary journey of Donald J. Trump through five decades.

I'm not going to lie when this popped up on my Netflix feed I thought oh come on really? But then again I really do not know this guy so I felt like giving the first episode a look. 

At just over an hour episode one "Manhattan" takes us to Trump's roots growing up. This also touches base starting in the 1970s, Donald emerges from his father's shadow and negotiates a huge real estate deal, then sets his sights on building his namesake tower. Not going to kid you this sucked me in he did not start out as a douche bag at all. 

Episode Two "The Gambler" Donald's decadence ramps up in the '80s as he gets into the casino business and expands his brand, but his personal life begins to unravel. I can not believe this I'm really into this show and was amazed at how he used "Fake News" this early in his career. 

Episode Three "Citizen Trump" Trump teeters on the brink of financial ruin as his divorce and affair make headlines, but he looks to the stock market to fuel his comeback. Plus we get to see him during the Apprentice which is the only time I have really heard of him. Had no clue about the board game and all the books he has written. 

On the final episode and the longest clocking in over an hour "Politics" In the 21st century, Trump's star rises again in reality television before he turns his attention toward the ultimate seat of power -- the White House. No clue this guy wanted to run for office way back in the 90's! 

Ok look we all have our opinions on the man but this documentary is done really well. This is not a propaganda flick making him look good and boosting his ego. In fact after watching how he act's I kind of felt that maybe just maybe he is going to sue Netflix. Never the less this is worth your time. I did not make me like or hate him any more than I do but the entertainment leave is well worth it in the end. 

In honor of Donald, I give Trump An American Dream...

3 Smoking Hot Cowgirls out of Five!


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