The Taste of Play Doh

Curse you Sam's Club and you're little taste me carts! Dang you bright pink box with a cute little Unicorn saying buy me your girls will love you forever. When will the Unicorn crazy just go away?

From fancy lattes, macarons, Pop-Tarts, and toast the world just can't seem to get enough Unicorn poop! So why wouldn't Kellogg’s try to capitalize on the craze with its new Unicorn Cereal, which hit shelves the first week of March?

It clearly says Magic Cupcake on the box but let me tell you the first whiff you get when you open up the wax sleeve is without a doubt Play-Doh! Not quite the vanilla flavor it promised.

Once you get past the initial flavor shock you settle into a rather tasty little treat. Be warned tho just like Captin Krunch this seems to do a nice job of ripping the roof of your mouth. And once you get to the final step of slurping up the pink milk (would that be considered Unicorn Pee?) your left feeling satisfied and all happy inside.

In the end, Unicorn cereal really is not that bad and a safe way to eat Play-Doh. Let me know have you tried the latest Unicorn craze? What did you think? Do you need some because the novelty has worn off here in this household leaving this dad to finish off one whole bag myself.


  1. The thought of that cereal alone just gags me!

  2. I am too old to eat artificial colors and flavors. We eat natural ginger granola from the health food store. Perhaps if I am ever blessed with a grandchild, I can try a box of unicorn pops.

  3. So...vanilla "flavored" Froot Loops?