A space crew must find a way to survive the chaotic world Gurgon.

Galaxy Of The Dinosaurs
1992 | Color | 1 Hour 5 Min | Sci-Fi | PG | Tempe Video

J.R. Bookwalter (as Lance Randas)

Todd Brown
Jon Killough

James Black
Christine Morrison
Tom Hoover

And Our Bad Movie Police are played by:
Ariauna Albright
Lilith Stabs

For anyone who’s ever watched a movie so bad, you wished acting required a permit or that a 14-day waiting period was mandatory to buy a camera...the Bad Movie Police are here! Follow the adventures of Sgt. Elke Mantooth, Lt. Drucilla Dread and The BMP Task Force as they seek out the worst “cine-terrorists” in movie history and bring their crimes to justice for your entertainment!

Bad Movie Police

Hold the phone! My love for bad movies has just hit an all-time low. And toss in a so-called Horror Host kind of flick and I'm there. But the first Bad Movie Police case from 1992 called Galaxy of the Dinosaurs. Its claim to fame is director Lance Randas’(Bookwalter)  gross misuse of stock footage from Plant of the Dinosaurs, intercut with Super-S VHS footage shot in the woods behind the director’s father’s house of all things! So does it hold up or does it suck space Dino eggs? Read on you fools read on.

Bad Movie Police

So the idea of a few Hot Babes dressed as cops talking control of a bad movie was the reason I picked this up. I was hoping for a Svengoolie type but what we get instead is an eight-minute lead into a horrible movie. I'm always willing to sit through a shit show when it has fun entertainment peppered in, sadly this did not and I was hoping for an outro but it just ended when the movie ended. This could have been such a great idea. The police segments are new as of 2003(?) and the star of the show being the 1992 space flick that I'm about to tell you about. I hope...

Galaxy opens up with our group of misfits on a spaceship looking for a planet when the ship is about to go down, let the bad acting begin. The spaceship is rather cool for a no-budget flick as they tossed together a few electronics laying around the garage. The rest well it was truly shot in somebody's backyard. The outfit's worn by the actors where there own according to the commentary. So really that's it in a nutshell when it comes to the sets.

I will admit it was an interesting yet novel idea to splice an old movie with a low budget new movie. And although the contrast does not work with one being a dessert and one in a backyard just before the spring thaw you have to give them credit for what they tried to do. And it's not like they just spliced in some dinosaurs they really worked to make the pace right and the scene's to make sense. Even though this is something my brother and I have done for years somehow this made its way to DVD.

The dialog even lengthy at times does push the story through even if the actors came straight from the local theatre group but somehow they make it work. Yeah, it's hard to watch them struggle at times but however, they most likely were not getting paid to do this so you get what you get and you don't throw a fit. In terms of a musical score honestly, I do not remember much of one so I will take that as a plus.

Oh boy now the special effects, we get a nice little teleport scene and some ray gun blast's but the only real special effects come at the end when the bad guy reveals himself to the group and what you get is... well see the picture above. It's not bad when you remember this movie cost them $1,200 to make so a tip of the hat to the makeup artist.

Ok look this movie is truly bad and the host element fails miserably but somehow some way I did like it. Bookwalter brings together his friends to try an experiment and it works on the outside looking in. We also get James Black ex-football player turned actor that somehow finds his way into the Tempe Video family in his early acting career. He is also the only one still working today with over 133 tiles under his belt. So should you seek out this amazing waste of time probably not but for me it was an ok ride.

2 Bloody Brains

Special thanks to Moon In Gemini for hosting this fun little Sci-Fi adventure! Make sure to stop by her site and check out all the other bloggers, my guess is they picked better movies then I do. Also if you have some spare time stop by Holly's Horrorland Friday the 13th Blog Hop!

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