Friday The 13th Game News

So I have been following the  news about the Friday The 13Th game coming this October and its starting to shape up. But today a new video was released showing Kane Hodder playing Jason! So here is a quick look you know I will keep you posted on this one!!

Kane Returns as Jason Voorhees! Go behind the scenes at Digital Domain on the set of the motion capture shoot for Friday the 13th: The Game to witness what it takes to build a title like this. The Friday the 13th team is excited to pull back the curtains and show off every phase of development that we can. See kills designed by Tom Savini being performed by Kane, including the infamous "Sleeping Bag Kill" from Part VII!

Did you hear that score by the way wow! We have been doing a lot of video gaming lately so I hope to write about them a little more this year. I can not believe that February is over already!!


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