The Monster Channel!

There baaaaaaack!! This could be the most exciting news in forever when it comes to classic horror! After a long (for me) 2 year hiatus the Monster Channel will be making its long-awaited return on more platforms than ever before.


"The Monster Channel debuted in March of 2010 as a 3-day online event celebrating “100 Years of Monster Movies”. We ran a marathon of horror films intercut with live introductions from horror hosts from all over the country, including cameos by Elvira, George Romero and Troma’s own Lloyd Kaufman.

"It was such a smash that we continued it as a double feature on Fridays called “Monstercasts”, until we launched The Monster Channel in January of 2011. The Monster Channel ran for two years before our tech partners decided to change industries in 2013, leaving us with no infrastructure to deliver our content.

"After two years of dormancy, we have finally linked with partners who are helping us not only with infrastructure but with expansion. The first incarnation of The Monster Channel was online only (meaning you could only watch us on your computer), but now we will be available on certain set-top-box TVs and select mobile/tablet devices, and more platforms are coming.''

The channel is available on computer, on mobile Apple devices and Roku. Ad supported, it is free.

Holly Hell did they say ROKU? Why do I need cable when I have Full Moon Streaming and soon The Monster Channel this is the best news since the Dough Boy put cinnamon rolls in a can!!

Now this is just a beta stage but you can check out the site to get a feel for the channel I loved it when they did the 3-day celebration 6 years ago I was glued to my computer. But that was just it I could not sit there and watch it on a then much smaller non-L.E.D. screen. So the fact that I will soon be able to watch on my Ipad and Roku is the best news. 

As you can see from the schedule they are just working out the kinks showing a limited amount of shows. They do plan channels for the chrome cast and amazon fire as well. 

Trust me I will keep you guys posted as more info comes out for the Monster Channel! In the meantime check out the site and spread the word.


  1. Awesome! I just checked out the channel and look forward to tuning in at all hours of the day or night. Will you be featuring horror hosts again? ZomBee TV seems to be in some kinda hiatus and I miss watching the hosts on my Roku. Penny Dreadful is a favorite of mine, but I'd also like to see some of the original hosts from the golden years. That would be terror-ific!

    1. ZomBee Tv is a great channel but MR. Lobo started his dream channel called OSI 74 in fact it and from there you can link to the roku channel! Its even better in many ways.


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