It's my party and I will cry if I want to.

So I have been part of the House Party website for a few years now and decided to give it one more shot. Well, guess what I get to host an Oscar party. House Party will be sending out the box of goodies soon so watch this space for more. And I will be posting about the party when its over.

So that left me to wonder does the Oscars matter anymore? It seems every year it's more and more controversy that it seems to be worth. And the top movies are lame most of the time anyway. It seems anymore we tune in just to see what family movie wins.

I remember friends haveing big parties tons of food and drink and some years it was themed or we had to dress in a black tie. Being a movie buff, I find myself skipping out on the Oscars most years.

So who or what are you rooting for to win the big prizes? Do you want more info on House Party click on the link.


  1. Back in the day, the Oscars were practically the only awards show that was televised so it was a big deal to watch it. Now every bloody awards show is broadcast and it has all become far, far too much.


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