A powerful cast that will guarantee entertainment!

Murders in The Rue Morgue
1932 | B&W | 61 min | 1.37.1 | Unrated | Mono | Crime | Universal

Robert Florey

Edgar Allan Poe (story)
Robert Florey (adaptation)
Bela Lugosi
Sidney Fox
Leon Ames

In 19th Century Paris, the maniacal Dr. Mirakle abducts young women and injects them with ape blood in an attempt to prove ape-human kinship. He constantly meets failure as the abducted women die. Medical student Pierre Dupin discovers what Mirakle is doing too late to prevent the abduction of his girlfriend Camille. Now he desperately tries to enlist the help of the police to get her back.

Wow with a run time of an hour you can bet we will get a few extra fun things this week! I have never seen this movie so I may have to check it out. 

Have a good week end folks!


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