Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Holy  whirlwind the past few weeks! First off I hope everybody had a Happy Holiday! With Christmas and work and this crazy ass weather, it has been nuts here in the Cave. I have watched a few movies the past few weeks so I will try and do a mega post later this week. I also have a few Cartoon's that I wanted to cover and hope to get to them soon as well. It has just been non-stop around here. I'm on vacation this week and this is the first time I have sat at a computer yet.

All tho some of my time have been in front of a TV playing video games with the girls. And when they are done I have been playing the crap out of South Park Stick of Truth.

I can not believe I made my goal of watching 52 movies this year and look to do 100 next year. For me with kids and school actives I'm happy with that number. It has also been a fun year of posting in 2015 and I look to carry that into 2016.

Anyhoo I hope to do a few post's before the end of the year so stay tuned! And thanks for stopping by the Man Cave from time to time you all have been wonderful!


  1. So pleased I am allowed in the Man cave given my gender. Have a Happy 2016 and keep blogging - I love stopping by!


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