Evil never tasted so good!

On the 10th day of Creepmas, the Krampus gave to me one Nasty Cookie!

The Gingerdead Man
2005 | Color | 70 Min | 1.33:1 | R | Stereo | Horror | Full Moon Features

Director: Charles Band

Writers: William Butler

Gary Busey
Robin Sydney
Ryan Locke

In a quiet, small-town diner a deranged patron, Millard Findlemeyer (Gary Busey), opens fire on the Leigh family, killing all but the daughter, Sara Leigh (Robin Sydney). During the trial, Sara’s testimony sends Millard to the electric chair and his ashes are sent to his mother.

In a vow of vengeance, Millard’s mother mixes her son’s ashes with a secret gingerbread cookie mix, which makes its way into Sara Leigh’s bakery. When one of the bakery employees, Brick Fields (Jonathan Chase), cuts his arm and accidentally bleeds into the mixture, an old curse spawns a 12” walking, talking, killing gingerbread cookie who wreaks havoc on anything standing in his way!!

Now, the adorable yet evil cookie will stop at nothing to get his revenge!

Time again for a Charles Band, Elvira mash up! Nothing sounds better on a cold (Yet it's almost 60 here in Illinois today) night like warm Ginderdead cookies! It is hard to believe this movie is ten years old already. The first time I met Band and Robin Sydney was a Flashback Weekend when they were heavily promoting this movie along with their up and coming movie Evil Bong. Sydney is such a cute and energetic little thing that after meeting her, I was sold on picking up this movie. And I'm glad I did like most fans of Full Moon we thought that they had gone away and the glory days were over. But this movie and Bong brought me back to the fandom that it is today. And helped the company get back into the spotlight.

I have alway's gotten a kick out of this franchise that is still going strong after all these years. Sure its, a simple story and heck even a Childs Play clone in a few ways but it's such a fun and fast watch. Most of the movie takes place in the bakery along with the opening dinner scene which is where we meet our star Gary Busey. Sure he is the voice of Ginger as well and thank god he lends just the right amount of humor to the villain wrapped in dough.

Lead doughboy does come off as just  a cheap looking puppet at times, but I have to fight off the haters it's Busey that helps bring it to life. I really like the look and feel of Gingerdead. The special effects will not blow you away, but they do help the story and not take away from it. The cast works well together throughout the movie. The soundtrack is just background noise and really not one of the better soundtracks for a full moon feature.

The main reason for revisiting the movie this time around was Elvira as Full Moon Streaming is still giving us this great team up from last years Hulu Halloween line-up. These episodes alone are worth the seven dollars a month to streaming this channel. Anywho this was not her best effort. And I was slightly disappointed in the small amount of pop-ups throughout the show. Now don't get me wrong when she does pop up it is great and laugh out loud fun. This movie has its moments to pick on so just a little bummed by the lack of schtick.

In the end, all of the elements "Fold in" well giving the viewer a pleasant little nugget of Suger and spice and everything not so nice! If you have not seen this movie yet watching it with Elvira will add to the experience and not take away from it. Everything works for me on this one so with Elvira I give it...

3 Samurai Santa's


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