Creepmas Toy List

On the eighth day of Creepmas, the Krampus gave to me...

Everybody want's a Cow to Milk on Creepmas right? Sadly we had this goofy ass game. Never heard of it well here a little more in site for you. 

I wonder if my wife would like one of these? 

Yep still trying to get a hold of this E.T. Finger light.

Here we go again...

Ok so really I would put this one in my stocking!

Who wouldn't! So there you have it my Creepmas list for dear old Mr. Krampus I sure hope he brings me something creepy! Oh, Hell here is a few more you be the judge. 

Yep and on that note good night!


  1. Man, those are messed up! I have a few more for ya, Little Brother and Scruffy Scruff:

  2. LMOA - that Daddy saddle is too funny! Giddyup! Plus, the vibrating broom stick - what a hoot! And the poo dough...Great post!

  3. I had to look up the Poo Dough because that would make an excellent stocking stuffer. Add a little hat and you’ve got a “Make Your Own Mr. Hankey” kit. Not only does it come with two different shades of brown dough and a mold for realistic poo making, but there is also yellow dough and corn kernel impressions on the mold. Someone put a lot of thought into this.


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